How Mask uses SimpleHash to render 2-3x faster

How Mask uses SimpleHash to render 2-3x faster

Through an open-sourced browser extension, Mask Network brings the privacy & perks of web3 to platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Mask allows users to encrypt messages for friends' eyes only, launch new projects via an Initial Twitter Offering (ITO), exchange crypto tokens directly on Twitter, & many other bespoke capabilities.

The Challenge

Mask was frustrated with their API’s price, speed, or scalability

The team at Mask was experiencing growing pains: As they onboarded more and more users, their API of choice was running very slowly. They began hunting for a new solution, but other providers were too expensive. Beyond price, these APIs had sluggish user support response rates. Homin Luo, from Mask Network, remembers his team sincerely hoping for a better option.  That’s when they came across SimpleHash. 

The Solution

SimpleHash integrates seamlessly to boost Mask’s platform speed

The Mask team trialed SimpleHash's APIs for a few months and found they functioned fluidly at a fair price. So, they made the switch. Since then, SimpleHash has provided all of the technical services they sought, along with proactive customer support. Specifically, Homin calls out three features of our solution: 

  1. Seamless technical integration — SimpleHash slots neatly into Mask’s existing tech stack. This is due to the fact that our product renders well and provides support for multiple languages, which streamlines implementation. 
  2. Tidy company documentation — Homin calls SimpleHash’s technical documentation clean and neat. As we’re an engineer-centric company, we prioritize tech structure. 
  3. Reliable client support — Mask has found the SimpleHash user support team to be rapidly responsive and (basically) always available. Homin was especially impressed with our ability to ship new features rapidly and willingness to meet specific API requests. 

On top of improved platform speed and white-glove support, Homin calls out the synergy between our programs: SimpleHash's data flow and data-fitting speed are ideal for Mask. 

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